Wednesday, August 20, 2014

11 Days to Go

With 11 days left this month, I have just under $85 left to spend.  Looking back at our budgeting software for this year, I see that I typically go over our budget by 10 to 30 dollars each month.  So, I come pretty close each month, but for one reason or another, I end up going over. 

I think that some of my problem is that we begin to run out of items at the end of the month, so I plan to a trip to the store.  While I am there, I invariably pick up an item or two that we do not really need either because it is a store I might not shop at very often or the item is on sale. 

I would like to see this month be the month that I finally stay completely within our budget.  Except for some perishable items, we are doing pretty well grocery wise.  Now I just need to maintain my focus and just say no to the extra items we don't really need at this time.

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