Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dillon's Trip

I received a e-coupon from Dillon's for $15 off a $70 purchase, so I figured that receiving an additional 20% my groceries was worth an extra trip to Dillon's this week.

Since we are trying to stock up on some items that can sit on the shelf for a long period of time, I made it a point to try and use this opportunity to buy some of these products.  I also wanted to take advantage of their $5 off of 5 items deals since I had some good coupons to go with the sale.

Finally, I had the opportunity to go to the store today without my kids and I won't be able to go shopping this weekend, so this was the best day to go.

My total after all my coupons was 62.73 (tax included).  By carefully entering the price of every product into my calculator app, I kept my initial grocery total close to $70.  I think I might have missed one item because I thought I was only over by about $1.

Trip Breakdown
Wheat Thins x 2 - $1.49
Cheez-Its x 2 - $1.99
Minute Rice (brown) - $2.99
Chocolate Cheerios - $1.64
Cinnamon Toast Crunch x 2 - $1.49
Honey Nut Cheerios -$1.79
Crunchy Honey Nut Cheerios - $1.49
Love Granola - $2.99 (I thought I had picked up Bear Naked Granola for which I had a $1 off coupon.  When I learned of my mistake, I did not want to have to take the time to replace the product just for $1).
V-8 Fusion x 3 - $1.69
Barilla Rotini - $1
Ragu Spaghetti Sauce x 2 - $1.29
Fritos x 2 - $1.49
Great Northern Beans x 2 - $.69
Kroger Cheddar Cheese (8oz) x 2 - $1.77
Kraft Cheddar Cheese (8oz) x 2 - $1.50
Blueberries x 2 - $1.28
Soft Scrub - $1.19
Tomato Sauce (15oz) x 3 - $.69
Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter - $1.88
Land O Lakes Butter Quarters (1lb) - $2.50
Kroger Black Beans x 2 - $.89
Kroger Diced Tomatoes w/green chiles x 2 - $.77
Williams Chicken Chili Seasoning x 2 - $1.87
Oscar Mayer Selects Turkey Hot Dog - $2.99
Smucker's Strawberry Preserves - $.99
Bananas - $1.45 (I just realized that the cashier charged me full price for the bananas when they should have been marked down)
Dillon's Whole Milk Gallon - $2.50
Dillon's 1% Milk Gallon  - $2.50
Kroger Bath Tissue - $4.99

I bought a total of 44 items, so the average was $1.42 per item (after tax and the $15 dollars off).  For me, that is a pretty successful Dillon's trip.

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