Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Quick Stop at Dillon's

We were completely out of milk, so I made a quick stop at Dillon's today to buy some.  I prefer to buy my milk at Dillon's (or Braum's), so that is one item I am not going to buy from Aldi's.

While I was there, I went ahead and picked up some bananas (I have never had good luck with Aldi's bananas) and a bag of store brand tortilla chips.  The chips are only $1, which is a hard price to beat anywhere.

My total cost for this trip was $9.16.

My resolve to primarily shop at Aldi's did have a positive impact on this trip.  I stuck to my list and did not even stop to consider picking up any other items (even though they do have Townhouse crackers on sale).

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