Thursday, June 5, 2014

First Trip

I completed my first official trip for the month of June on Monday.  My list was not very long since I am also trying to use up the items I already have in my pantry.  We were running low on some snacky-food items like granola bars and crackers.

As I looked at the different prices, I could see that Aldi's regular price for items is often lower than the other grocery stores, but that many of these items often go on sale for less.  Of course, one reason I think Aldi's will help me spend less is that I will not be distracted by as extra items on sale that I do not need.

I spent $54.99 for 30 items on this trip, which is a pretty good price-per-item breakdown for my usual shopping trips.  The most expensive item I purchased was a box of 32 fruit snacks for $3.99.  The least expensive items was a can of cream of chicken soup for $.79.

I went ahead and picked up some fruit while I was there because it all looked fresh.  Plus, it is hard to pass up $.99 for strawberries (and they were delicious!).

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