Monday, June 30, 2014

Final Weekend and Lesson Learned

This past week had an unexpected complication, so I did not take the time to better plan my shopping trips. 

Friday, my in-laws came to our house so I could get out for a little while.  My shopping plans did not have me very close to an Aldi's, so I decided to pick up some of the items I thought we needed at Dillon's and Target. 

Well, I spent $21.36 at Dillon's and $19.27 at Target.  In addition, my mom and I stopped at Sam's on Saturday to pick up a case of beef.  While we were there, I did not want to waste the trip, so I picked up a few more items that cost a total of $37.02.  Finally, we were out of milk, so I stopped by Dillon's again on Sunday and spent $8.53.  With all of this shopping, I went over our budget total for the month by $13.36. 

Dillon's sucked me in with their latest sales promotion.  I had some good coupons for Town House crackers (so I could get them for 50 cents), but to get the better deal, I had to buy 6 items.  I was also able to get some granola bars for 50 cents a box.  I bought 14 items at Dillon's, but most of the items we did not necessarily need right away.  I could have waited until after the first of the month.  The same was true at Target.

I do not feel as guilty about my Sam's purchases because it saved me having to make a special trip later.  (I am planning to pay my mom for the meat from the July budget). 

So, I have learned that I need to make more of an effort to stop at Aldi's in addition to being more committed to only buying what we need for the week.

Fortunately, we have enough items to make it through this next week, so I should not need to spend much at the store this first week of July. 

Now my goal will be to stay under budget for July to cover the extra for June.

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