Monday, June 16, 2014

Most Recent Trip

My in-laws had my kids for the day last Thursday, so I used that day as an opportunity to do some shopping on my own.

I made a brief stop at Wal-Mart where I picked up some Clif Bars for my husband.  Since they do not sell these at Aldi's, I needed to pick them up somewhere else.  I paid $6.19 for the bars (including tax).

I also stopped at Aldi's and Dillon's that day.  Aldi's had strawberries for 99 cents again, so I took advantage of that price as well as a pineapple for $1.29.  I needed to pick up some flour as well; much to my delight, the price was only $1.28 for 5lbs.  I will definitely buy my flour from Aldi's in the future.  The total for Aldi's came to $22.45.

I picked up milk, yogurt, raspberries, and bananas at Dillon's (along with some Chinese food for lunch).  The total came to $16.84 for that stop.

Finally, on Saturday, I needed to stop at Target to pick up a few non-grocery items.  While I was there, I went ahead and picked up some food items I needed for the weekend.  My total at Target was $20.05.

So far in this journey, I have enjoyed not having $100 grocery bills.  To this date, I have spent a little over $204 in groceries, which is just over half our regular budget.

Now I just need to remain focused on my plan and not be tempted to buy unnecessary items at any store. 

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