Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hanging in There

We were out of town over the weekend, which helped with the food budget this month.  Fortunately, we managed to go through all our perishable items before we left, so nothing went bad while we were gone.

Of course, that meant I needed to go to the store almost immediately after we got back.  My husband took Monday off as well, so I was able to go to the store without the little ones in tow. 

I went to both Aldi's and Dillon's and tried to only buy what we absolutely needed. 

I spent $14.04 at Dillon's. I was disappointed that I missed the $1 dozen egg sale, but I did score a deal on the 1% milk.  The store had it marked down to $1 per half gallon because it expired on the 30th.  I bought cheese for less than the price at Aldi's because of the special coupon offer that week.  Unfortunately, our Dillon's does not sell Kraft Mozzarella, so I had to buy store brand.  I had a coupon for the store brand as well, so it was still cheaper than the price at Aldi's.

On our trip, we ate little fresh produce, so I was eager to go to Aldi's to pick some up.  My kids actually were begging me for the fruit faster than I could clean it.  I spent $35.42 on this trip.

At this point, I have a little over $21 left in my grocery budget for the month.  With just one week to go, this should be doable.  I just need to remain focused and not give into any excuses to go ahead and spend a little extra.

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