Sunday, July 13, 2014

Seeking to Stay on Track

I am very lucky to live three miles from an intersection that includes Aldi, Dillon's, Wal Mart Neighborhood Market, and even a Braum's, so shopping at different stores for the best deals does not require much gas and travel time. 

Typically I only shop at Dillon's or Aldi.  I have not been that impressed with the Wal Mart Neighborhood Market.  If I need to go to Wal Mart, I can go three miles north of my house and go to a full Wal Mart.  If a Target were to move in within 3 miles of my house, I would be set!

Today I decide to take the time to shop at both Aldi and Dillon's to try and get the best prices.  I did not do too bad.  I think the only items I bought at Aldi where I would have paid less at Dillon's were a couple of 8oz bars of cheeses.  I had a coupon for Kroger cheese, so I could have saved about 40 cents total.  The coupon is good for a while, so I can still use it later.

My Dillon's trip came to $23.37 and the Aldi trip came to $22.68.  I tried to keep my purchases to only items that we needed.  As I look at what I bought, I see a few items I could have done without like the sliced cheddar cheese from Aldi and the sandwich rolls.  Looking at our budgeting software (YNAB), I have a little over $75 for the rest of the month (I made some small produce purchases throughout the week -- apparently a little more than I remembered).  I will need to buckle down even more and really watch my purchases for these next two weeks.

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